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Pig Hoof Trimming

Over the years I was asked many times if I trimmed pig hooves and the answer was always no. Not any more. As of 2023, I am now answering that question with a YES! Local pig farrier who shears as well? YES! In addition to trimming them without sedation I can also trim their tusks! I flip them over and trim their hooves with a sander while they are on their backs. Some enjoy the process and other ones squeal!  

I use an OB wire saw for trimming tusks back. It is not needed on all of them but sometimes they grow so long and curl into the face of the pigs. Other times the pigs can hurt people or other animals with them as grow out. I have heard of them puncturing skin before as well. So if you are concerned about their tusks I can trim with without sedation. 

At this time I am only trimming and do pig farrier services around Arizona and in San Diego County. 

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